You have a technical software application that you need to create, update or maintain. You hire contract developers to assist. As you explain the technical aspects of the requirements and software, you notice that your contract developers’ eyes are glazing over as they just don’t understand it. You know that months of programming are not going to be very productive regardless of how much you are paying per hour.

Technical software development requires special skills and training beyond that possessed by the best developers who have only an understanding of Windows or web application development tools. Even the best developers have to understand the technical problem they are trying to address especially in the engineering and scientific fields and are in a lot of cases not productive while they are trying to understand the problem you are paying them to solve.

As a professional software developer with a degree in engineering, you will find that my technical background allows me to be a productive software developer even at the beginning of the project.

Since 1983, I have created engineering applications and supported, enhanced, and maintained engineering and scientific applications written by others. The technical areas include power plant reliability and benchmarking, substation grounding design, radiation shielding, nuclear material tracking, nuclear fuel management, and nuclear plant accident analysis. Nontechnical software includes cost and manpower tracking and process management such as the management of the process of loading nuclear fuel assemblies in the most efficient manner, and software to support control room operator maintenance activities and regulatory compliance.

The developer tools and languages include Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET since 2002) and VB, C#, C++, and for both Windows and web-based user interfaces with data factory database interfaces to Access, SQL Server, and Oracle. From creating the application from concept to the creation of the deployment method through the client support for commercial and internal software, I have hands-on experience with the entire development, testing, and deployment cycle.

So, if you are looking to create, enhance or maintain technical software applications, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we might be able to assist you with the software solutions you need.

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